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RM BTS Profile and Biography, Enter Billboard Hot 100 Producers

RM BTS is arguably a multitalented idol. The guy who likes to read this book is good at music and academically. He is known to have a super high IQ

You must be familiar with the KPop boy group named BTS. The group is fronted by seven members with a competent leader known as RM.

RM is arguably a multitalented K-Pop idol. The guy who likes to read this book is good at music and academically. He is known to have a super high IQ test result. You see, he is one of the one percent of the brightest students in the national university entrance exam in South Korea.

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Although BTS has now succeeded in the international arena, many still don't know RM more deeply. For that, come on, just look at the complete profile and bio of this RM BTS.

1. This is RM's career journey to reap popularity


Before becoming a Big Hit Entertainment trainee in 2010, RM was active as a rapper in underground groups Black Pirates (2007) and DaeNamHyup (DNH) (2009). After 3 years of training, he finally debuted with BTS in 2013. Considering that he was the first member of BTS and is deemed to be good at leadership aspects, this Friends series fan was appointed as the group leader.

You could say RM's success is now really built from scratch with BTS. He did not immediately gain popularity at the beginning of his debut. BTS's first album only sold 24,441 copies on Korea's Gaon Chart at that time. Almost 2 or two years have not gotten a bright spot. RM and other BTS members are on the verge of disbanding or continuing their careers.

However, hard work does not betray the results. They did not give up and finally released "I Need U" (2015). The song successfully sold more than 600 thousand on Gaon Chart Korea at that time, and RM's career with BTS began to skyrocket.

2. His achievements are classy. RM entered the Billboard Hot 100 Producers row, you know!

rm bts namjoon

Known to have an IQ test result of 148 points, RM is a genius in academics and music. When BTS was appointed as South Korea's special envoy in the launch of the Generation Unlimited campaign at the 73rd UNGA, he came forward to make a speech on behalf of BTS. He conveyed a message for young people in the world to love themselves, dare to move forward, and express themselves.

In addition, his proficiency in music has made RM score several flashy achievements individually such as,

  • Ranked 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Songwriters, in October 2020
  • Ranked 9th on Billboard Hot 100 Producers, as of June 2021
  • The youngest Korean artist with the second most song copyrights according to the Korea Copyright Music Association (KOMCA) with 179 songs, as of October 2021

3. Discipline applies work-life balance. This BTS leader is really a role model

rm bts namjoon

As a K-Pop idol, the series of busy schedules certainly makes RM vulnerable to stress. He regularly makes time for me as much as possible, often dubbed "Namjooning" by ARMY (BTS fans). In the documentary Break The Silence, he revealed his attempt to stabilize his mental, mind, and emotions.

Not infrequently, RM shares moments of traveling to museums, cycling or just reading books on social media. The fans were moved to implement a work-life balance like this BTS leader.

Besides making it fresh, RM admitted that he got quite a lot of song ideas from his Namjooning activities. It's no wonder that this BTS leader can always spread inspiration through song lyrics, attitude, and answers in interview sessions.

How about starting to get excited again after listening to RM BTS's profile and bio? From struggles achievements to his lifestyle, you can really be a role model, right!

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