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BTS Wants to Date Girls With These Criteria, Are You The One?

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BTS Wants to Date Girls With These Criteria, Are You The One?
Online Community Posts Discuss The Ideal Type Of Women BTS Members Have Revealed In Various Interviews In The Past.

 Everything related to BTS (Bangtan Boys) has attracted the attention of netizens, especially BTS ARMY. This time the online community post discusses the ideal type of woman RM (Rap Monster) and friends that they have revealed in various interviews.

Starting with Jin. The oldest member of BTS likes cute and adorable girls in terms of visuals and personality. His ideal girlfriend should have excellent cooking skills, which makes perfect sense since Jin is known for his big appetite. He also wants a good woman and takes care of her. Jin has even appointed an actress who is similar to his ideal type, namely Scarlett Johansson.

Unlike Jin, Suga doesn't mention a specific name for his ideal type of woman. But the owner of the name Min Yoongi wants a woman like him, someone who is wise and who likes hip-hop and rap. Suga also wants someone with a calm and understanding personality.

J-Hope's ideal girlfriend is someone who loves to read, takes care of other people, and will have amazing cooking skills. The 1994-born rapper wants his future girlfriend to always support him, and just stare and think about him all the time.

RM openly said that he wanted smart and feminine women. His ideal girlfriend should also be sexy and have a good voice. The owner of the name Kim Namjoon admitted that he would like his girlfriend to look good in casual clothes such as a simple white t-shirt, jeans, and red Converse shoes.

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