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Profile of Kim Namjoon aka RM BTS

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 ARMY must be familiar with RM or Kim Namjoon from BTS. His figure has become increasingly in the spotlight since BTS's popularity has increased on the world stage.

Profile of Kim Namjoon aka RM BTS
Profile of Kim Namjoon aka RM BTS

Because he is fluent in English, Kim Namjoon became a spokesman for BTS while promoting abroad. So, don't be surprised if many international fans know him better than the other members.

In the group, Kim Namjoon is the leader, rapper and songwriter. Almost all BTS songs were created by the man who was born on September 12, 1994, you know.

To get to know more closely the figure of Kim Namjoon aka RM 'BTS', see the article until it's finished!

Kim Namjoon's Profile

  • Birth Name: Kim Namjoon
  • Stage Name: Rap Monster, RM
  • Place of Birth: Seoul, Sangso-dong, South Korea
  • Birthdate: September 12, 1994
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 76 kg
  • A blood type
  • Education: Apgujeong High School; Global Cyber University majoring in electrical engineering
  • Instagram: @rkive

Facts About Kim Namjoon aka RM BTS

Kim Namjoon or RM 'BTS' career journey is very interesting. Let's see more interesting facts about Kim Namjoon aka RM 'BTS'.

Start Career as an Underground Rapper

Before joining BigHit Entertainment, RM has often appeared as an underground rapper. He joined the community along with Zico, a former member of Block B.

While performing as an underground rapper, he used the name Runcha Randa. The name was taken from the Maple Story video game character that RM often played.

At the beginning of his career, RM had felt indecisive. Because he wants to continue his career in the world of hipgop not as an idol.

However, at that time Bang Si Hyuk, producer and owner of Bighit Entertainment, said he didn't have to sing and just rap. He finally agreed and underwent training to become an idol at the agency.

Rename After Worldwide

When he debuted with BTS, Kim Namjoon was known as Rap Monster or RapMon. However, he changed the nickname to RM when his boy band became popular worldwide.

Citing Kim Namjoon changed his name because Rap Monster doesn't represent him or the music he creates. Previously, Kim Namjoon had used the name RM on several occasions.

However, he only officially replaced it in 2017, after BTS began to shine on the world stage. Until now, many people know him better by the name RM.

BTS Spokesman

Kim Namjoon is the only BTS member who is fluent in English. When BTS was promoting and touring abroad, RM became the spokesperson and translator for his friends.
In fact, when BTS was first invited to the UN General Assembly, it was RM who read the speech while his friends just stood behind him. At that time, he conveyed messages to young people around the world to always love themselves.

Not only that, when BTS appeared on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, RM also became a translator for Jimmy and his friends when communicating at the event.


Besides being good at rapping and composing songs, it turns out that Kim Namjoon is also known as the most fashionable member. In an interview, Jungkook BTS once mentioned, RM is his role model in dressing.

Due to his good taste in dressing, RM is also included in the list of the most influential celebrities in the fashion business. Because all the clothes he wears will attract the attention of many people and can increase the sales of several well-known brands, you know.

Kim Namjoon is the tallest member in BTS. He has a height of about 181 cm with a weight of 76 kg, so he is often referred to as having an ideal body. This is what makes many brands ask him to be a model.

Have a High IQ

In terms of intelligence, RM cannot be underestimated, you know. He is included in the list of K-Pop idols with the highest IQ along with Kyuhyun 'Super Junior'.

When he was a guest on Running Man, Kim Namjoon said his IQ was 148. He also often accepted challenges to solve very difficult math problems.

In addition, RM also has a TOEIC (The Test of English for International Communication) score of 805 points. In Jimmy Fallon, he admitted that he learned English from the American series Friends, which he watched when he was still in school.

Reliable Songwriter

Kim Namjoon is a pretty reliable songwriter. Until now, RM has composed more than 100 songs. He started writing songs in 2007, when he was in 7th grade, and shared them on online hip-hop community sites.

Uniquely, RM always inserts lyrics that invite young people to love themselves more. One of his most phenomenal songs is "No More Dream". This song is the heart that had no dreams in life.

Most Clumsy BTS Member

RM is the most clumsy member in the group. He often had problems on several occasions. Kim Namjoon often forgets to return the things he borrowed from other members.

He also lost his passport in 2016 and 2017, while touring Northern Europe and Chile. However, this is common for BTS members.

In addition, RM is also known as a member who often breaks things. The other members also dubbed him the "God of Destruction" because almost everything he held would be damaged.

That's the profile and facts of Kim Namjoon aka RM 'BTS'. Keep on supporting his career!

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