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Song that went viral on TikTok because Jungkook BTS

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Song that went viral on TikTok because Jungkook BTS
Song that went viral on TikTok because Jungkook BTS

 Jungkook BTS often sings or uploads songs that are less popular on his official Instagram account, making the song go viral on TikTok and Instagram. 
Currently, the multitalented singer's official Instagram account has 37.1 million followers. Plus his wide influence, it's no wonder whatever Jungkook uploads will attract the attention of netizens. Most recently, for example, when he was caught wearing Calvin Klein underwear on the BTS concert stage in Las Vegas on Saturday (9/4) local time, the famous brand was immediately trending on Twitter. 
As a singer, of course, the owner of the real name Jeon Jung-kook often uploads the songs he likes. 
Well, here are seven songs that are less popular with netizens, but immediately went viral after Jungkook showed them off on his Instagram account. 

1. Hate Everything - G.Soul/Golden 

The 24-year-old Korean-blooded singer had time to sing back the song belonging to his compatriot. In Live Instagram, G.Soul then thanked and praised Jungkook for singing the song he released in 2019.

2. On The Low - Justin Park 

Still from fellow Korean-blooded colleagues, Jungkook has also exhibited this song with the additional caption "The song is really good". Justin Park, who was immediately flooded with notifications, immediately thanked Jungkook for introducing his song to more listeners.

3. GENERATION (Prod. Lean$moke) - HOMIES 

HOMIES is a hip hop trio from Korea. He introduced this song last December via his Instagram.

4. Roses - Finn Askew 

Finn is a British musician who is still 20 years old. Jungkook had uploaded the lyrics to this song, and Finn was immediately shocked by writing, "Am I dreaming? Jungkook is from BTS," he said in the video uploaded on TikTok.

5. Space - Audrey Nuna 

Audrey Nuna is an American rapper and RnB singer. After Jungkook introduced the song, Space immediately trended on the biggest music streaming service in Korea, MelOn.

6. Too Many Feelings - Ruel

Ruel is a 19 year old Australian singer. After the song was showcased by Jungkook, Ruel wrote, "Wow, thank you Jungkook" on his social media account.

7. It Takes Two - Fiji Blue 

Fiji Blue is an American duo consisting of Trevor Dering and Valentin Fritz. Similar to BTS, their songs mix various genres of music. Jungkook introduced the song It Takes Two to his followers, and of course the song went viral on TikTok. The duo even thanked them by uploading the video for this song on their YouTube channel.

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