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The Debate Over The Discourse on BTS-Free Military Service is Getting Hotter

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 South Koreans are raising heated debates about the release of BTS (Bangtan Boys) military service. There are more conflicting opinions on the matter.

Regarding the issue of BTS's military discharge, which was recently raised in the political topic, the public responded intensely with a divided point of view between agreeing and opposing.

The Debate Over The Discourse on BTS-Free Military Service is Getting Hotter
Regarding the issue of BTS's military service exemption, which was recently raised in the political topic, the public responded intensely with viewpoints divided between agree and oppose.

Song (29 years, male), who works as a teaching staff in Seoul, said on April 13, "Actually, I don't think anyone wants to be in the military. I don't think privileges should be extended. It's clear that everyone has to fulfill their responsibilities. responsibility and obligation to be able to enjoy the rights given to the nation."

"Countless other jobs also contribute to the country, but giving privileges to only a few people that are publicly disclosed is against justice or equality," he added.

Jeon (30 years, male), an office worker in Suwon, said, "I believe a revision of the Military Service Act is necessary, but I think they should reduce the scope of the military service exemption, not expand it."

Jeon added, "I think it's okay for them to serve in the military like other non-celebrities in order to maintain their position in society. If the military service exemption is granted because of individual success despite not being members of the national team, the whole country will laugh at them."

On the other hand, some people showed support for the promotion of military service exemption, saying it could help everyone. Choi (28 years old, female), a graduate student, said, "Unless the military exemption is completely eliminated, I think BTS is worth discussing."

Choi continued, "I believe BTS has made Korea more known to the world than anyone else, and thanks to that, our national prestige has increased. However, it can become a problem in terms of equity as certain areas benefit."

Cho (32 years old, male), an office worker in Daejeon, said, "In fact, those with money have already been released from military service. We haven't been able to solve this case for decades, so I wondered if it was right to send those who promote national prestige to the military."

He added, "It would be better for everyone to improve the national image by granting military exemptions or reducing military service time for those who promote national prestige like BTS."

Fierce debate about exemption from military service has also been raised online. One internet user expressed his opposition, saying, "Sports have precise rules and regulations, and there is an age limit to being an athlete, so not many people will complain about them."

"However, if BTS can earn money from overseas activities and also be exempt from military service, shouldn't workers in private export companies also receive military service exemptions?"

Many netizens agreed with this comment, pointing out that if BTS gets the privilege, other famous stars, such as actors, models, TikTok stars, YouTubers, etc., will also be given a chance.

On the other hand, a netizen who lives in a South American country said, "People around me like Koreans these days. There is no one who doesn't know BTS. This makes me feel very proud to be Korean."

This person continued, "People who run Korean restaurants or marts also say their customers are more attracted to Korea because of BTS. There is no denying that BTS has contributed to promoting national prestige as well as sports athletes."

Another netizen agreed, "There are people who criticize Billboard rankings or K-Pop charts, but they agree with rankings in international sports competitions, which have been given special privileges."

Currently, a revision of the Military Service Act, which allows popular artists to be transferred as arts and sports personnel, is pending in the National Assembly. The decision on BTS's military discharge will be announced soon.

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