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5 Songs By BTS Dedicated Specially To The Army

ARMY is one of the world's largest fanbases, and BTS is constantly grateful for their support, thus they have produced songs specifically for them.

bts songs dedicated to army
bts songs dedicated to army

The bts-ARMY relationship It's incredible; idols always inspire their fans, and fans never cease to show their love, support, and appreciation for this fantastic idol group; the boy band has reached so many successes and goals thanks to their collaboration.

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan's dreams are reflected in their fans, who are always fighting and showing their love for the K-Pop group, regardless of what else is going on in their lives since they know that their idols have a huge fanbase who always looks for the best in their favorite band.

ARMY is always inspired by Bangtan Boys, and the group's beneficial impact is visible every time their fandom comes together to raise funds and support people in need, all thanks to their favorite musicians.

So BTS also gives their all for ARMY, and the group has even written songs for your adoring and grateful fans, what are they?

5 Songs Written By BTS And Devoted Specifically To ARMY

The song 'Mikrokosmos' from BTS's album 'Map Of The Soul: Persona' is fully inspired and devoted to ARMY, and its lyrics are full of idols' feelings for their fans, as well as a heartfelt thank you for helping them to realize their ambitions.

#1. 'two! 3!'

Bts Song
Bts Song "Two!3!"

'two! 3!' is a BTS song from their 2016 album 'Wings,' which encourages fans to forget about their worries or sad moments for a bit and build happy memories with the group, which will always show their love and support to their fans.

#2. Stay

Bts Song Stay 12
Bts Song "Stay"

Despite the fact that the entire 'BE' album is dedicated to ARMY, 'Stay' contains some very essential messages from BTS members to their audience, and its lyrics are full of love and pleasant feelings for the fans.

#3. 'Answer: Love Myself'

Bts Song 12
Bts Song "Answer: Love Myself'

This song embodies all of ARMY's support for BTS; this feeling inspired the idols to love themselves and become stronger with time, which is why 'Answer: Love Myself' is a song written by Bangtan for their fans.

#4. Lights

Bts Song Lights
Bts Song Lights

BTS understands that ARMY is their light and that it shines brightly within their hearts; the K-Pop group genuinely loves and appreciates their fans, which is why they wrote 'lights' for his album Map of the Soul: 7 -The Journey.

#5. For Youth

Bts Song For Youth
Bts Song For Youth

"For Youth," one of the new tracks on a new upcoming album that will be accessible digitally, has made listeners extremely emotional as they comprehend the song's objective merely by reading.

Given that CD3, which features "For Youth," is dedicated to ARMY, it's only natural that the next song will be dedicated to BTS fans. The song's title, which fans didn't know at first, demonstrates that it's literally for ARMY.

Although ARMY has grown to be such a massive fandom that "ARMY" has become a well-known term around the world, the fandom name is simply an abbreviation. Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth is abbreviated as ARMY.

When fans learned that "For Youth" was dedicated to the ARMY, they quickly realized that the title is a part of what ARMYs jokingly refer to as their "government name."

Fans are obviously moved by BTS's continual expressions of love and gratitude for their adoring fans.

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