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BTS Members Reveal The Results Of Their MBTI Test From 2022

BTS members are recognized for their different personalities, yet despite their varying ages, ARMYs usually find some common ground among the seven members. They just revealed with their fans the results of their most recent MBTI personality testing.

BTS MBTI Test Results
BTS MBTI Test Results

BTS took the test for the first time in 2017, and then again in 2022. Because the members have matured as a result of their diverse experiences, the results of their MBTI have also changed. This year, each member was given a new test, and some of the results were unexpected.

The results of BTS's MBTI test in 2022

Bts Mbti 2022
Bts Mbti 2022

BTS's agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, launched a new video titled MBTI Lab 1 after a few hours of teasing, in which RM, Jin, Jungkook, V, Jimin, J-Hope, and SUGA updated fans on their MBTI results.

The members' 2022 MBTI results were a mixed bag. Many of them have remained the same, but the consequences of some of them have shifted dramatically.

#1. RM

Rm Bts On Mbti Test 2022
RM BTS On MBTI Test 2022

With the group leader RM's results, the idol reaffirmed his status as a true ENFP, commonly known as the "champion" personality type. According to the test findings, RM is energetic, warm, imaginative, flexible, confident, and proactive. The results clearly show RM's extraordinary leadership qualities as well as his artistic ability.

#2. Jin

Like RM, he was recognized as an INTP, or Thinker personality type, for the second time. According to the MBTI scores, Jin is a calm, logical, focused, and flexible person, but he can also be skeptical, analytical, and critical.. Jin's personality is mirrored in the results, as evidenced by his contribution to In The Seom, which is both serene and inventive.

#3. Suga

Suga Bts On Mbti 2022
Suga Bts On Mbti 2022

SUGA's results were the first to deviate from those of the previous test. He went from INFP to ISTP, the artisan personality type, which was a minor change. The results describe SUGA as generous, efficient, and adaptive, which appears to be accurate. ISTPs are thought to be great observers as well.

#4. J-Hope

J-Hope has always come across as outgoing, but his recent test results suggest that he is an INFJ, or Advocate personality type. The rapper's personality qualities suggest he is well-organized, well-informed, and morally upright. Overall, it appears that this result correctly represents the group's lead dancer.

#5. Jimin

Jimin Bts On Mbti 2022
Jimin Bts On Mbti 2022

Jimin's MBTI personality type is ENFJ, which means he is a Giver. Because he is one of the group's younger members, Jimin's characteristics of being vibrant and spontaneous fit well with the results. Jimin, like the rest of his group, is generous and realistic in his performances

#6. V

BTS' V's MBTI has changed significantly since the end of 2021. His previous results revealed that he was an ENFP, but his results from 2022 show that he is an INFP. This personality type is known for being idealistic, inquisitive, flexible, and adaptable.

#7. Jungkook

Jungkook Bts On Mbti 2022
Jungkook Bts On Mbti 2022

Jungkook, the maknae of the group, has also changed his MBTI and is now an INTP, or Thinker. Despite being the youngest, Jungkook remains focused, calm, and reasonable even in tough times.

After disclosing the results, BTS' RM stated that they should not be taken too seriously. Viewers should not let the outcome define their opinions of themselves or others entirely -

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