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BTS Reveals for 'Proof' Anthology Album CD: Check it out!

Following a series of teasers, HYBE Corporation has officially revealed the full tracklist for BTS' next anthology album, Proof.

proof BTS album compact edition
proof BTS album compact edition

The release, which will include three CDs in total, will include "brand new music, members' selections, demo versions, unreleased tracks, and more," according to a press release. The first CD, which contains 19 songs, includes a remastered version of "Born Singer," which was informally released in 2013.

This third CD is dedicated to ARMY, according to the press release, and features previously unheard tracks "Young Love" and "Quotation Marks." The CD also includes "For Youth," the album's only fully new song, which the release states as expressing BTS' "affection and gratitude to their fans".

On Monday, May 9, the BTS proof tracklis’s first and second CDs were unveiled. BTS' Billboard Hot 100 chart entries included "Boy With Luv," "DNA," "ON," and "IDOL," as well as No. 1 singles "Dynamite" and "Butter," as well as the anthology album's first single and first fresh new song, "Yet to Come." The second disc features "Her," "Filter," "Stay," and "Moon," as well as the second new song, "Run BTS," from BTS' catalog.

The anthology record will be split into three parts and delivered on three disks

Album Bts
BTS Album

BTS has been progressively revealing details for their upcoming album, PROOF, after confirming new songs on June 10th during the closing night of their Las Vegas gigs. This now includes the information that PROOF will be an anthology album, chronicling BTS' nine (!) years of music and featuring a mix of old and new songs.

The announcement of an anthology album sparked speculation among fans that the compilation, which would necessitate sifting through BTS' massive career, would possibly include remasters or previously unreleased versions of fan favourite’s, which has now been verified.

Here's all we know so far about PROOF, including a look at each of the three disks

Proof of BTS CD Plate
Proof of BTS CD Plate

Anthology Album PROOF BTS will be released in the United States on June 10th, 2022. This release date places the album three days before BTS's ninth anniversary as a group on June 13th. FESTA is an annual event held on June 13th.

Anthology Album PROOF BTS, the album's title and lead single, is a play on the group's early "bulletproof" concept and tagline, "We Are Bulletproof." Fans were treated to a video flashing through several times in BTS' career over the previous nine years when the initial announcement was made in Las Vegas, finishing with the letters fading to simply the word PROOF.

The album's lead song, "Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)," will be released on June 10th alongside the album. The title appears to refer to the Most Beautiful Moment In Life trilogy, a trio of BTS albums collectively known as the HYYH era (an abbreviation for "Hwa Yong Yeon Hwa" in Korean).

Concept shots of the members have yet to be released — the comeback timeline shared by BIG HIT MUSIC indicates that those will begin to be shared on May 28th — and the graphics for the album box set and lead single have so far just included the BTS logo —

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