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Everything You Need to Know About BTS's Upcoming Album "Proof" in 2022

Proof, a collection of tunes spanning across their discography, as well as brand new tracks, never-before-heard demos, and more, will be released on June 10 by the GRAMMY-nominated pop juggernauts.

everything about bts upcoming album proof
everything about bts upcoming album proof

Proof, which spans three discs, aims to honor the band's past, present, and future in a carefully crafted song cycle. BTS Army members who wanted to hear demos of songs like "Jump," "I Need U," and "DNA," as well as an a cappella rendition of Jungkook's "Still With You," are in luck.

Following the recent release of Proof's tracklisting, which includes well-known songs like "Dynamite" and "Butter" (among many others), Here are 3 facts you need to know about BTS's upcoming album proof.

#1. It'll Provide A Trove Of Previously Unreleased Treasures

Proof Bts
Proof Bts

The following is stated in the news release: "The new album is comprised of three CDs, each of which contains brand new tunes, member selections, demo versions, unreleased tracks, and more."

#2. Proof Functions as a "BTS Chronicle"

Bts Proof 2022
Bts Proof 2022

The first disc includes a remastered version of "Born Singer," which was released in 2013 and is described as "BTS' true feelings after one month of their debut" in the press release. The album comes to a finish with the opening song, "Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)."

Beginning with the new song "Run BTS," the second disc comprises "15 solo and sub-unit tracks," displaying each BTS member's various preferences and characteristics.

The third disc, which is only available on CD, is "dedicated to the fans," and it features unpublished songs and demo versions that any fan of "For Youth" would enjoy.

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#3. The Album Marks BTS's Ninth Anniversary

Bts Member
Bts Member

It's hard to realize it's been almost a decade. The Bangtan Boys, on the other hand, appear to be just getting started.

BTS teased the track by uploading short samples with the phrases "We Are Bulletproof" and "2022. 06. 10" during their Permission To Dance Onstage event in Las Vegas in April. Despite the fact that this created anticipation about a new album, it was eventually dubbed Proof.

#3. 'Proof,' BTS' Anthology Album, Will Include Unreleased Demos Of Their Hit Songs

Bts Tracklist
Bts Proof Tracklist

BTS has unveiled the complete tracklist for their upcoming three-disc anthology album, 'Proof.' Many of the boyband's hit tracks, from 'Boy With Luv' featuring Halsey to their first single 'No More Dream,' will be included on the upcoming 48-track compilation, as well as three brand-new songs. In addition, the album will include a full disc of previously unpublished demos and fan favorites.

The first disc of the album will include the upcoming title tune 'Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),' one of three new tracks on the album. For the first time, BTS will make their 2013 hit 'Born Singer' available for streaming on Spotify.

'Proof,' which will be released on June 10, is a collection that will "reflect the members' thoughts and ideas on the history, present, and future of BTS" and will include a mix of previous releases and new songs.

'Proof' was originally hinted at the close of the band's recent four-night sold-out Las Vegas engagement, when a date of "2022.06.10" – June 10 – appeared on screen, following the tagline: "We are bulletproof".

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