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Make Army Amazed, BTS Will Be Invited To Visit The White House

Who doesn't know BTS? This boy group from South Korea, consisting of seven members, is always a trending topic because of the many achievements and extraordinary achievements that other boy groups rarely obtain.

BTS will visit The White House
BTS will visit The White House

Twitter is currently trending with the hashtag White House. Then what is the relationship between BTS and the White House?

After you click on the trending hashtag, there will be a lot of information about BTS that seems to be coming to the white house, and not half-hearted, BTS will discuss and meet directly with Joe Biden.

As the President of the United States, Joe Biden invited BTS to attend the White House. The White House and Joe Biden themselves did not ask BTS for no reason. Everyone knows that to be a big guest in the White House is not a random person.

Quoted from the White House, they conveyed why BTS was invited. BTS was judged as the right guest star because of their many achievements and managed to get many positive things through their works and spread throughout the world, showing that BTS is an absolute superstar.

BTS even attended the UN General Assembly in New York in 2021. It is also known that BTS has participated in the general assembly three times as youth representatives and also envoys from the South Korean President. The message that BTS conveyed was also very memorable for the listeners.

Biden invited BTS to Discuss of Anti-Asian Crimes

Many people already know that BTS has collaborated with UNICEF and campaigned for Love MySelf, an anti-violence movement. Accordingly, Joe Biden invited BTS to discuss and discuss the theme of anti-Asian crimes and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Racism against Asia has increased because of the Covid-19 in the last two years. Many people say that Asians are the cause and origin of the virus.

The White House stated that President Biden had previously spoken about his commitment to fighting the anti-Asian hate crime wave and signing the Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act in May 2021.

Some ARMY (name of BTS fans) were scared at first because BTS would come back in June. The Army is worried that BTS will not focus on what they are doing, but rejecting Joe Biden's invitation is not good.

Quoted from the Newsen page, Big Hit explained that the activities related to album promotion had been completed, so the possibility for BTS to go to the White House is huge. It is also very possible for them to fly to the United States.

The big hit also explained the possibility of them leaving on May 31st. However, the exact date has not been confirmed yet. RM's writing on Reverse also supported the presence of BTS in the White House. RM also stated that what BTS achieved today is because of the Army.

Army always feels that their idol is very appreciated. RM also said that the real honor belongs to the Army. Some Armys mention that BTS is a picture of hard work. In the past, they were not considered, but now BTS is a shining star worldwide.

Being invited to the White House is another new achievement for BTS and makes the Army and the team behind proud of what BTS has achieved so far. BTS is never dim. Their work and achievements are always brilliant.

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