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Here's How To Play The BTS Heardle App: Follow These Steps!

If you enjoyed the Bangtan version of Wordle, you'll adore the new BTS Heardle game, which was introduced by the Twitter account BTSchartdata. Here you can learn how to play a new game.

bts heardle app
bts heardle app

The Grammy-nominated South Korean trio is presently rehearsing for their April 2022 concert and Grammy performance in Las Vegas.

While BTS has remained fairly silent in the new year, with the exception of their massive Seoul performance, BTS ARMY has something new to look forward to virtually every day!

How Do I Use BTS Heardle App?         

  1. Go to to play the new BTS heardle.
  2. You can only predict the lyrics on the first try by looking at the English or Korean translation.
  3. To find a song, use the search bar below, input the name of the song, or choose from the selections.
    how to play BTS heardle app
    how to play BTS heardle app
  4. You can listen to the audio recording and submit your answers starting with the second attempt.
  5. You can listen to more of the music if you click the skip option.

Take A Look At The Game Here

The online world is buzzing about a new sort of BTS-based wordle called "Heardle." Players in Heardle must guess the septet's tunes based on lyrics and a brief excerpt.

Heardle is based on the once-a-day word game, in which participants must predict the word of the day seven times in order to win. It was produced by @BTSChartData, a fan account that also made BTS Wordle. The lyric cues in the new game were created in collaboration with @DoolSetBangtan, a trusted translation fan account.

Bts Heardle's Rules

For each guess, the new game delivers tips. The game includes both original Korean lyrics and English translations, and it tests fans' knowledge of the band.

You have seven chances to guess the song of the day correctly. Read the lyrics (in English and Korean) for the first guess and see if you can guess the song's title. There isn't a clip of the song provided for first guessing.

You can listen to a snippet of the song after you've made your first guess. It will be brief, but if you are familiar with their music, you will immediately identify it, particularly if it is one of their more popular tracks.

The Game's Rules

It's worth mentioning that skipping will allow you to hear more music excerpts. When you're ready, type the name into the text form, choose a song from the drop-down menu, and click Submit. The website also includes a feature that allows you to tweet your results.

Every day, there's a new music to guess, just like Wordle. This is where you may play the game.

The creator is well-known for keeping the ARMY community up to date on the group's accomplishments. They also host a lot of 'Streaming Projects.' They are also one of the most recognizable fan accounts in the fandom, with over 2.2 million followers.

A few weeks ago, the original version of the music-based Wordle was discovered on the internet. The daily game, created by Omaske Studios, offers pop tunes chosen at random from a list of the most streamed songs on Soundcloud over the last decade.

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