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Knowing Who is the Visual of BTS, Kim Taehyung or Kim Seokjin?

Each South Korean Idol group has its own role in its members, including the roles of main dancer, main vocalist, rapper and the last thing that cannot be released is visual. Talking about visuals, BTS is one of the South Korean boy groups whose seven members have handsome visuals. So, who is the visual of the BTS members?

Who is the Visual of BTS, Kim Taehyung or Kim Seokjin?

who is the visual of bts
who is the visual of bts

All BTS members are handsome with different looks and styles. However, there are two members who are often talked about as the most handsome idols. They are Kim Taehyung (V) and Kim Soekjin (Jin).

It is undeniable that V and Jin are indeed very charming and stunning. This makes netizens who are not Army (BTS fans) confused when asked about who is the visual of BTS.

Officially, Kim Seokjin is a member who fills the visual position in BTS. His face is symmetrical, cute, and has broad shoulders that made him famous as a Worldwide Handsome.

The handsome visual of the oldest member of BTS is even touted as one of the best visuals that the kpop idol generation has ever had. Jin BTS's visuals have been the talk of ARMYs and netizens since he debuted with BTS in 2013.

When the BTS members were first introduced to the public in 2013, Jin was the member that went viral on Naver the most.

Jin's face can be dilibang very perfect and beautiful when viewed from any angle. Even before his debut, Jin had been getting so much attention for his good looks that Etude House Korea appointed him as a model.

Having a handsome face, many fans hope that one day Jin can debut as an actor in Korean dramas and films. Jin's visual hasn't even changed since his debut, getting more handsome every year.

List of Awards and Titles for Jin BTS Visual

Boyband members in South Korea generally have above average visuals, as well as BTS members. However, Kim Seokjin, who has the nickname Worldwide Handsome, seems to be on another level because he has "proof" of his good looks.

A series of awards and titles are pinned to appreciate Jin BTS's visuals. Here is a list of some of the awards Jin BTS has received for his visuals:

JIN as the innovators as bts visual
JIN as the innovators as bts visual

1. The World's Best Face Sculpture

Jin BTS has first ranking of Top 10 list for “The Best Sculpted Face in the World” in 2018. This achievement was not an easy thing, because candidates were chosen from 18,000 male faces from 58 countries. For this victory, the world famous sculptor, Radek Schick, immortalized the image of Jin BTS on a crystal trophy.

2. The God of Visuals

Nick Paxson, a researcher from Ireland, used a neural network algorithm to compare Jin's face to a statue of the Greek god Zeus in the Altemps. He found striking similarities between the position of Jin's eyes, lips, and nose with the statue.

3. The Most Perfect Man's Face in the World

Sluis Painting, a Dutch visual arts team, named Jin as the man with the most perfect face after analyzing his face to find the most perfect face in the world. Sluis Painting uses mathematical techniques (Golden Ratio) and digital face mapping to infer it.

4. List of 100 Most Handsome Faces

In 2020, Jin BTS was chosen as the 39th most handsome face in the list of the world's greatest handsomeness. This is the third time Jin has been included in the list.


After reading the news above, do you still doubt this BTS member's visual beauty? It's not wrong if Jin BTS has been named the real visual even though all BTS members are born handsome. So you already know the answer to who is the visual of BTS, right?

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