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Who Is The Most Popular BTS Member in South Korea and the World?

Talking about popularity, of course every idol group must have the most talked about or famous member. Each boygroup member has their own uniqueness and advantages. So now, Who is the most popular BTS member? Is it hot? Read to the end of this news!

Who Is The Most Popular BTS Member?

The Most Popular BTS Member
The Most Popular BTS Member

Jimin BTS maintains his top position in the list of the most popular boy group members in South Korea in the Mei 2022 edition. Moreover, he has just set a new extensive record this year.

Jimin managed to break the record as the first and only South Korean soloist to sell more than 500 thousand single copies in the United States with three solo songs.

This year Jimin filled the original soundtrack for the drama Our Blues, starring Shin Min Ah, Lee Byung Hun, Han Ji Min, and Kim Woo Bin. This helped move Jimin's name to the list of the most popular members.

Recently, the Korean Business Research Institute announced ranking the most popular brand reputations for the K-Pop boy group member category.

The results of the brand reputation rankings of each member of the K-Pop boy group compete for the most popular title in Mei 2022.

According to the Korea Business Research Institute, Jimin has amassed a total brand reputation index of 6,229,539 for the month.

These include a participation index of 886,937, a media index of 830,727, a communications index of 12,054,530, and a community index of 2,457,345.

This May, Jimin's reputation index decreased by 9.42 percent, compared to his index of 6,877,359 in April. But still Jimin BTS is still in first place.

jimin BTS 5th anniversary
jimin BTS 5th anniversary

Behind Jimin, BTS's Suga has gone up a few places and is now landing at the No. 2 for the May reputation rankings.

Suga collected a brand reputation index of 6,185,304. It has a participation index of 335,220, a media index of 509,464, a communication index of 2,386,953, and a community index of 2,953,668.

Meanwhile, there are three other BTS members who are also in the top 10. Jungkook BTS is at position number 4, V BTS is at position number 5, and Jin BTS is at position number 7.

30 Most Popular Kpop Boyband Members in May 2022

bts members at seoul music awards
bts members at seoul music awards

These are the Top 30 most popular K-pop boyband members in May 2022:

  1. Jimin BTS
  2. Suga BTS
  3. Kang Daniel
  4. G-Dragon BIGBANG
  5. Jin BTS
  6. Cha Eun Woo ASTRO
  7. Song Mino WINNER
  8. WINNER Seungyoon
  9. Siwon Super Junior
  10. Park Ji Hoon
  11. RM BTS
  12. Ha Sung Woon
  13. Kim Jae Hwan
  14. Song Mino WINNER
  15. WINNER Seungyoon
  16. Siwon Super Junior
  17. Park Ji Hoon
  18. RM BTS
  19. Ha Sung Woon
  20. Kim Jae Hwan
  21. Taeyang BIGBANG
  22. J-Hope BTS
  23. Highlight Doojoon
  24. Super Junior Heechul
  25. Junho 2PMBlok B U-Kwon
  26. Kyuhyun Super Junior Ong Seong Wu
  27. Jaehyun NCT
  28. Rowoon SF9
  30. Yoseob HighlightDaesung BIGBANG
  31. Key SHINee
  32. Seunghoon WINNER


Well, so the conclusion is currently Jimin is a member of the most famous boy group from BTS. Not only in fan base, but also the most famous booygroup members in South Korea.

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