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BTS's reputation as advertising stars skyrockets, and honor 1 commercials range from 3-5 million won

BTS and IU's reputations are still strong as advertising models for national brands with international reputations

BTS and IU's reputations are still strong as advertising models for national brands with international reputations.

BTS and IU took first and second place, followed by Lim Young Woong and Yoo Jae Suk.

BTS and IU are still champions for ranking as advertising models. This is revealed in the list of brand reputation rankings for advertising models in August 2022.

The Korean Business Research Institute has released the Top 50 Ranking of Advertising Models, unique for August 2022.

BTS and IU's reputations are still strong as advertising models for national brands with international reputations

According to the announcement, without a doubt, BTS topped the rankings, surpassing IU, which was ranked second.

Then there was the male soloist Lim Young Woong who took 3rd place.

Just to remind you, Lim Young Woong is a trot singer, a South Korean pop music genre.

This music genre is called trot because it has 2/4 and 3/4 tempos taken from the fox trot music for ballroom dance accompaniment.

Trot has similarities to Japanese enka or Kayokyoku Music.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jae Suk sits safely in 4th place. This name is known as a comedian and television presenter.

He is already 50 years old and has hosted various variety shows, including “Infinite Challenge,” “Running Man,” “Happy Together,” and “Hangout With Yoo.”

And in 5th place comes Son Heung Min, a professional footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.

He is also known as the South Korean national football team captain. Son Heung Min is often called a South Korean cultural icon.

Determined Many Factors

The advertising model rankings of these celebrities are determined by many factors, namely based on an analysis of consumer brand participation, media, communication, community index, etc., by extracting 30,945,362 big data of advertising model brands from July 15 to August 15, 2022.

BTS recorded a reputation index of 2,498,060, showing a significant gap with IU at number 2 (brand reputation index 1,913,772) and number 3, Lim Young Woong (brand reputation index 1,346,122).

In addition, compared to the figure of 2,321,403 recorded in June, BTS' brand reputation index increased by 7.61% in August, increasing its overall ranking from 3rd to 1st place.

Although BTS has temporarily suspended group activities and focused on a solo career, the impact on the group's overall performance is still strong.

The highest-ranking terms in BTS link analysis were “active,” “focused,” and “model.”

The keywords with the highest ranking regarding BTS are the 3 brands they support, namely "Samsung Galaxy," "Lotte Xylitol," and "Coway."

BTS's positivity-negativity ratio came out to be 90.81% positive reactions.

According to the advertising industry, BTS earns between 3 billion and 5 billion won ($2.59 to $4.31 million) from a single advertisement.

This figure is the most significant number in South Korea's advertising history.

Here are the Top 30 of the August Advertising Model Rankings. Is your idol in it?

1. BTS

2. IU

3. Young Lim Woong

4. Yoo Jae Suk

5. Son Heung Min

6. Gong Yoo

7. Son Seok Gu


9. Kim Yuna

10. Kim Jong Kook

11. Lee Chan Won

12. Kang Daniel

13. ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo


15. Lee Jung Jae

16. Girls' Generation / SNSD

17. Jung Woo Sung

18. IVE

19. Aespa

20. Lee Sang Min

21. Hong Hyun Hee

22. Kim Tae Ri

23. Oh My Girl


25. Lee Byung Hun

26. Lee Hyo Ri

27. Yoona SNSD

28. Jung So Min

29. Park Seo Joon

30. PSY

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