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5 List of Suga BTS's Reading Self-Improvement Books

So, how about we review 5 lists of Suga's favorite books that you can find in various online bookstores? Let's see some of the information!

Suga BTS is probably primarily known as one of the incredible BTS RAP Lines! But it turns out he's also a geek, you know! Suga often invests time in reading when he has free time or even between busy concerts.

Several times at various events, Suga shared his various book collections. This has immediately caught the attention of ARMYs. So, how about we review 5 lists of Suga's favorite books that you can find in various online bookstores? Let's see! Some of the information on our books is quoted from

So, how about we review 5 lists of Suga's favorite books that you can find in various online bookstores?

1. Almond by Sohn Won Pyung

At one event where BTS was a guest star, Suga was once seen reading this novel.

Almond tells about the journey of a boy named Yunjae who has a brain disease called Alexithymia. This disease makes it difficult for Yunjae to control his emotions. Eventually, he tends to feel anger mixed with fear.

A sudden tragedy leaves Yunjae alone, and he begins withdrawing from the world. However, with the presence of someone named Gon, Yunjae manages to shake off his moodiness towards the world that is always disturbing. This story is about friendship, compassion, and love.

2. Life Lesson by Elizabeth K. Portubbler-Ross

Suga once shared a photo of this book on his Instagram story. He took a few sentences that meant a lot to Suga. Although he made this book collection in 2017.

For Suga, Life Lesson opens the mind to a more meaningful lesson in observing real life. This book is full of philosophical meaning. In this book, we can also find feelings of love, fear, and hope in a relationship.

3. Reinventing Your Life by Janet S. Klosko and Jeffrey E. Young

At the Bang Con event in 2020, many reporters saw Suga carrying this book in his hands. This book has long been famous because the author is a renowned psychologist in America. The case studies in this book are carried out using various interesting methods that allow the reader to identify negative patterns in life.

This book will guide you in avoiding the "traps of life" that can significantly harm you psychologically and prevent you from living a good life.

4. Dare to be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga

Suga was reading this book on the show BTS: In the Soop season 2. The authors explore the theory of psychologist Alfred Adler in the 19th century, which stated that all human beings have the right to freedom for the sake of a promising future. Nor should any human being be hindered by bad memories from the past, self-doubt, and the hopes of others.

This book focuses on a philosophy of self-liberation that allows one to grow through change instead of limiting oneself in fear.

5. The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud

At one of the events in 2020, Suga mentioned that he was studying this book, which explores Freud's theories related to the "subconscious mind" through his analysis of dreams.

At another event, Suga also said so. He also explained that he had an awareness of Freud's theory. In other words, Suga agreed with Freud's theoretical statement. Although, he still wanted to study the origins of psychological theories.

Whether it's in music or in his reading, Suga always exudes an aura of wisdom. So have you ever read any of them?

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